Membership Committee

Our Membership Committee is currently co-chaired by Kathryn Koch and Jeff Griggs. The committee works to retain and increase our membership by staying in touch with current members and reaching out to potential recruits at political and civic meetings in and around the Lakeland area.  


Programs Committee

Our Programs Committee is currently co-chaired by John Shannon and Chad Davis. The committee works to seek out and secure dynamic, informative speakers willing to present topics of interest to our membership.


Events Committee

Our Events Committee is currently in need of a Chairperson. The committee works to develop and organize special events hosted by our club or in cooperation with other Republican clubs in our area. If you have an interest in serving in this capacity, please contact John Shannon via email at


Communications/Technology Committee

Our Communications/Technology Committee is currently chaired by Tom Shaw. The committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the club's website and social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter, and communicating information to our membership via email.