Social Media


We're social butterflies! Our club maintains and active presence on the
world's two most popular social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter.


Our Facebook page is open to anyone with an account on the site, allowing for public access to our club's upcoming activities, as well as articles and comments posted by our members and others. The page is monitored by our club's administrators for objectionable content. If you have a Facebook account, login and access the page here.

Our Facebook group is open to members only and allows for secure access to photos from club-hosted events and files of interest to our members, as well as providing a means for fast, efficient communications between the group's administrators and members. If you are a club member and have a Facebook account, login and request admission to the group here

Our Twitter profile is accessible by anyone with an account on the site and is maintained by our Webmaster and other board members who occasionally post messages and commentary of interest to our members and the general public. If you have an account on the site, login to access our profile here.