Thank You!!

To all Republicans (and a few unnamed Democrats and independents) in Lakeland, Polk County, Florida and across the nation...Thank You!! We asked you to donate your time, talent and treasure to get out the vote, and you got it out in convincing fashion! As a result, we're now heading into a new year and a new era of hope, with a promise from Donald Trump to "Make America Great Again". Just as importantly, though, we elected Republicans up and down the ballot at all levels.

As satisfying as those victories might be, this is no time to rest on our laurels and squander a great opportunity. Before you know it, the 2018 elections will be in our faces, and we will need to have strong Republican candidates ready to take on all comers. Imagine the possibilities if Florida had two Republican Senators (bye, Bill Nelson!), or if the Senate were able to invoke cloture to break filibusters (60 votes needed), or better yet, could achieve a supermajority (67 votes)? These possibilities are within reach if we all do our parts to help show the rest of the country that Republican policies really do WORK!

On the local front, we have issues of concern right here in Lakeland and Polk County to deal with. Now that we are heading into a new era of Republican control at the county, state and federal level, you can be sure that investments will be made in improving and expanding our local infrastructure, both publicly and privately. We must educate ourselves in this process and be prepared to participate in discussions that are already taking place in regard to bringing jobs, prosperity and economic development to our area.

If you're a registered Republican who lives or works in the Lakeland area and you're not an RCL member yet...well, why not? Feel free to join us for one of our upcoming monthly luncheon meetings that are held at Cleveland Heights Golf & Country Club on the first Wednesday of every month. Get plugged in with other loyal, local Republicans who want to make a difference in our community, our state and our nation. Our club events are posted here, and a copy of our membership form can be viewed and downloaded here. You can also stay abreast of our club's happenings by "Liking" our Facebook page. If you have questions, please contact our webmaster via email at